The “Internals” are the parts that are inside of the Automatic Timing Light.  These are the parts that are needed to “make it work.”  The internals include an Arduino Uno and Accessories (Relay Module and LCD), Keyless Lamp Holders, Wires, On/Off Switch, Pushbutton, and any other electronic or electrical component needed on the inside.

The parts shown below comprise the “Internals” of the Automatic Timing Light.  I have a limited number of “kits” containing all of these parts.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of them.  This would save you the time of having to find and purchase all of these components separately from various retailers.  In the future, the “kit” of these parts may be offered for purchase on-line through this website.

These parts can all be purchased through various on-line or brick-and-mortar retailers.  A few examples are shown below.