The Automatic Timing Light consists of GE PAR38 Floodlights, an Arduino Uno and other elecronic components, and a wooden box which encloses all the parts.  The box can be constructed out of any type of wood boards, or out of plywood.  A few examples of the fully-assembled Automatic Timing Light are shown below:

3 Timing Lights

Inside the box are three Keyless Lamp Holders, each one serving as the socket for the light bulbs.  Here is a cross-section view of the box, showing Lamp Holders and the Light Bulbs.

Inside of Box

The front of the box has 4-1/2″ diameter holes for the light bulbs.  When the supports for the lamp holders are mounted 5″ from the outside front of the box, and the light bulbs are screwed into their sockets, the lights are approximately flush with the surface.

Below are a few examples of the box without the lights installed.  The left one is constructed from 1/4″ Red Oak Boards, while the right one is made from 3/8″ Pine Boards.

Finished Boxes

The electronics to control the Automatic Timing Light are shown below.  Some of the main components are an Arduino Uno, 16×2 Character LCD with I2C interface, 4-Channel Relay Module, Rotary Encoder, 16mm Push Button, and 9V 1A DC Power Supply.  Full details for assembling the electonics are found in the Instructions.


The back of the Timing Light has the LCD, displaying time limits and elapsed time, and controls for selecting the time, and starting/stopping the timer.  Full details of using the Timing Light are found on the Operation page.