Operation of the Automatic Timing Light is very simple.

First, plug-in the Timing Light and turn the Power Switch to the On position


The controls on the back of the Timing Light are operated as follows:

  • Rotate the Rotary Encoder Knob to select the speech time.  Rotate counter-clockwise to decrease the time, and clockwise to increase the time.  Rotate the knob all the way counter-clockwise to select Manual Mode.
  • Press the Rotary Encoder Knob to Start and Stop the Timer
  • Hold down the Rotary Encoder Knob to Reset the Timer
  • While in Manual Mode, or while the Timer is at 0:00, press the left button to manually change the light from Green to Yellow to Red.



Below are shown some examples of speech times that are pre-programmed.  The shortest time is 1-2 minutes (Table Topics) and the longest time is 15-20 minutes (The Keynote Address from the Professional Speaker manual). If you want to modify the speech times, you may do so by changing the code.


While the timer is running, the light will change from Green to Yellow to Red at the appropriate time, as shown below.

Light Sequence